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At the core of Special Citizens’ mission is a commitment to person-centered planning and self-directed care. While people with Autism Spectrum Disorders share symptoms, each person is unique. Every person at Special Citizens is involved in setting his or her own goals and determining the course of his or her life, with the guidance and assistance of family and the specially trained staff of Special Citizens.


Special Citizens promotes the development of its programs to maximize the quality of life of each person it supports and is committed to maintaining the highest possible quality of care, supports, and services. We employ standardized procedures to ensure accountability in its delivery of services and supports. We are a Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) accredited organization and have Ambassadors who spearhead person-centered planning throughout our organization. As members of the CQL, we work to continuously define, measure and improve quality of life and services.

Our Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement department ensures adherence to internal controls and procedures that promote best practices and compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws and requirements. The department provides oversight and monitoring of quality service delivery through internal audits, risk management, incident investigations, data collection, analysis and dissemination, and the operation of key committees that aim to protect the rights, and safeguard the health and wellness of the people supported by Special Citizens. 


In 2013, we shifted our focus to a person-centered approach, enabling Special Citizens to structure our residential and day habilitation programs around the individual needs, wants, and ideas of the men, women, and children we support. To facilitate community inclusion, integration, and community building, we have customized programs that allow men and women with autism to achieve their fullest potential. In acknowledgment of our high-quality, individualized programming in 2016-2017, we were awarded contracts to expand our services in the Bronx. In addition, we have also been granted the approval to develop new supportive apartments across the Bronx and Manhattan that address the unique needs of aging men and women with autism and developmental disabilities.


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